I am currently studying Fashion Arts and Business in Toronto, and I wear many hats in the local fashion industry. As a freelance model, I have been published multiple times in a variety of forms - from digital interviews on the web to physical printed magazines. I have trained to become a certified makeup artist and stylist at the Toronto Fashion Academy, completing intensive courses, participating backstage at high-profile fashion shows or behind the scenes of numerous creative and test shoots. I have worked as a journalist for various publications over the years, covering fashion events and interviewing industry professionals.

An avid social media influencer, I have collaborated with brands by creating content for them for 2 years. So far I have seen my face on store websites, a movie screen in a packed theater, the cover of a magazine, in newspapers, on the news, in a music video, in a commercial, and in the window of a salon on a busy city street. For more information on my publications, please visit my PRESS page! If you’d like to see examples of my work, click HERE to visit my portfolio pages.